Secret of The Law of Attraction And 3 Tips Of Perfectioning

Written by Adam D'souza
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What Are The Ways to Use LAW OF ATTRACTION

What is the Secret of The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction means we can achieve whatever we desire. It simply says that focusing on positive thoughts leads to positive results in life.

If you are not doing well in life, your mind may be stuffed with pessimistic thoughts because you may have some suppressed painful experiences of your childhood. Now, If you are struggling to become a better person, the Law of Attraction can be a solution to your problems. The term attraction means that you can attract any desirable opportunity, event or person in your life. No matter what state or nation you belong to, the law of Attraction can do miracles.

This article will reveal the Secret of The Law of Attraction and explain this complex philosophy in simple words. So you can reach your ultimate goals. 

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Life-changing Philosophy

The law of Attraction depends upon the presence of powerful psychic energy produced by human cognition, feelings, and burning desires. This energy creates an aura around the person, emitting positive vibes. These vibes attract other pleasant vibes in the surroundings, creating opportunities for new events, strangers to meet, and enormous success in life. In short, positive thoughts can significantly impact your life.

3 Secret of the Law of Attraction

 Most people are unaware of the following three universal Laws of Attraction which are simple yet effective for our lives. 

1: The Present is Precious 

If you want to have a perfect future, start by perfecting the day you are already living in. This law says there is always room for improvement in your life. When someone talks about the present, it’s mostly the unpleasant events like financial crisis, toxic relationships, and ignorant bosses. While looking at another side of the picture, many good things are happening around us. When we think our present is blissful, it gets filled with joy. So constant focus is needed on the thought that your present moment is already very perfect. This approach will allow you to become better in your life.

2: You attract what you are

Stay happy for a day, even superficially, and you will attract the happiness of the whole town in your small home. That’s all about the second secret Law of Attraction. Start thinking positive if you want positivity in life. Have you ever seen friends of famous scientists, entrepreneurs or artists? You will see that they will have some other famous people as their friends.  So If you can’t immediately change your current situation, start changing your thoughts.

3: Nature Abhors a Vacuum

The human mind is never empty or neutral. It’s always filled with either positive or negative thoughts. So if, after self-assessment, you find that you are having negative thoughts, then the 3rd law of Attraction is for you. This law says that eliminating the perspective of negative thoughts from the mind will create a space in it. Since the mind can’t stay empty, therefore if you focus on the brighter side of life, the positive thoughts will fill that space.What Are The Ways to Use LAW OF ATTRACTION

Black Magic or Science?

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of research on ‘the law of attraction’ because many people believe that it’s pseudoscience, but now we have scientific evidence supporting this law. Some of them are as follows.

Medical journal 

 Korean researcher Ji Young 2007 found a strong relation between positive thinking and its impact on people’s overall life satisfaction.

Neurological perspective

Neurologists believe that those individuals who have good visualisation power can create a better future life for themselves.

That’s the same technique given by the Law of Attraction, through which you can make the mental image of your goals and bring them into reality.

Mirror Neurons

Whenever a person is happy, some neurons of happiness emit into his brain. Suppose someone observes that happy person; those same neurons will also emit in the observer’s brain, making him feel happy. It happens due to the existence of mirror neurons in the human brain.

Manifest your dreams using the law of Attraction

Do you know you can manifest your dreams using the law of Attraction? People start using this law but fail because of low awareness. So to take its practical results, reads the following tips carefully.

– You are lucky

When you feel lucky, you get two kinds of mental responses immediately.

– Confidence

Feeling blessed or lucky automatically lets our brain secrete certain hormones that bring a sense of confidence to our personality. That charismatic look of an individual full of confidence attracts many opportunities and success in life.

– Gratitude 

Gratitude is a powerful psychological phenomenon that lets us fight worries and stress. When you feel lucky, you also feel contentment, which allows you to pay gratitude for the good things in life.

– Quick Tip

Make a list of all the things for which you feel blessed in life, and before going to bed, say some words of gratitude for having those things. 

This habit can help anyone seek miracles coming from the law of Attraction.

– Create a mental picture

When someone talks about the chair, we get a clear picture of the chair in our minds rather than these five alphabets. Our conscious mind works better to create pictorial shapes of things. The same goes for our goals and ambitions. The law of Attraction works if you close your eyes and visualise those desired achievements regularly.

For E.g. you are driving your favourite car in your imagination. You feel its luxurious seats, the thrilling speed and the fresh air coming from the window. Such imagination creates a burning desire, and then that individual starts walking on the roadmap of his ambitions fearlessly.

– Reframe Negative thoughts 

Without identifying our enemy, we can’t fight it. Before just focusing on positive thoughts, removing already existing negative thoughts is also necessary. That comes with their identification, but how to do that? 

Here are specific characteristics of negative thoughts.

  • Seeing things in zero or one(People love or hate me)
  • Negative interpretation of others’ thinking(They think I am a loser)
  • Overgeneralisation of any lousy event(As I failed today’s test, I can’t pass any test)
  • Self-criticism

Challenges while using the law of Attraction

Despite all of the above mentioned positive aspects of these laws, there are also some stuck points or challenges which should be kept in mind while practising the law of Attraction.

Failure to act

When it comes to thinking positive in life, most people keep overthinking the whole day and procrastinate essential life events in the false hope that only thinking will bring results in their life. ABSOLUTELY NO

The Law of Attraction only brings positive opportunities in life. After that, the actual task of working hard to get success from those opportunities depends upon the personal itself.

Visionless goals

Nothing is impossible in life. Any dream you can think of can be achieved. There should be some realistic planning about your goals. Without that, the law of Attraction won’t help you reach anywhere.

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Final Thoughts

The Law of Attraction is simply the power of desire in the subconscious mind. If you can bring them into conscious awareness and modify them according to your needs, then it can be highly beneficial to your life. There are scientific pieces of evidence in its support. Feeling lucky, imaginative thinking, and fighting negative thoughts can help you take its complete advantages. Moreover, specific challenges should be kept in mind while making its use.