EFT & Weight Loss


What is HCG? HCG is a revolutionary diet plan that reshapes your body, gets rid of abnormal fat, increases your metabolism, eliminates hunger and food cravings and cleans the body of toxins. The protocol was developed by a Doctor Simeon back in 1954. It has been updated by consumer advocates such as bestselling author, Kevin Trudeau in his book The Weight Loss Cure.

The protocol is strict (allowing only 500 calories per day) but can be easily followed because HCG helps reduce the craving for food by metabolizing stored fat. In other words, when you use HCG your daily need for calories is met partially by the food you eat and partially by the fat that you burn. Without HCG, 500 calories of food per day is a starvation diet. 

What is Weight Gain & Loss? According to Cathryn Taylor, Licensed Addictions Counselor and author of the best selling, Inner Child Workbook, this protocol can produce even broader results. “I have worked with obesity and compulsive over-eating for over 25 years. The stored fat targeted by HCG carries not only the unwanted energy your body could not use but also the unwanted feelings you were unable to process. The carrier of these unwanted feelings is your inner child.”

No matter how one loses weight the manner in which it was gained must be addressed if the loss is to be sustained.

Our fat is a protector.  Our fat is the result of eating more than our body can metabolize.

What is EFT? EFT is simply a self-administered form of acupressure – except instead of using needles you gently stimulate the meridian points by gently tapping on them. This sends an electrical impulse through the body and neutralizes whatever your focus is at the time. It is fast, effective, easy to learn and successfully neutralizes any feeling which emerges as you walk through this protocol to the new you. Taylor, who is also certified in the new Energy Therapy called EFT, combines her 30+ years of mental health background with this innovative tool to assist you in walking through this amazing HCG diet protocol equipped with the tools to identify, release and resolve the feelings of the past.

The Combination – EFT/HCG. These emotions emerge as you begin to go through this program. The product itself helps your body readjust.  However, if you do not develop new coping mechanisms to deal with current stress and unresolved issues from childhood your body will have to find another way to hold on because our body does for us what we cannot or will not do for ourselves. It stores feelings as fat!   

HCG helps dislodge these stored memories right along with the stored fat. But if the energy of the emotion does not find a new outlet you will return to what you know – denial and sublimation. 

When you combine this weight loss with the tools needed to identify, embrace and release the emotions it has sheltered you can not only reshape your body but you can also reinvent your entire being and use this protocol as a true second chance for creating the body and life you want and deserve.

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