Weight Loss Protocol

Your WEIGHT LOSS + EFT 3-hour package includes:

1) An initial 90-minute coaching consultation

During which you and I design the most positive outcome for your goal! We then “bundle the baggage” of your resistance. This tapping sequence takes “the edge off” of the frightened part within you who would want to sabotage your success. You complete the consult with a clear idea of your target goal and much of the resistance neutralized!

2) Once accomplished, you are given support every 24 hours

With Cathryn’s newly-developed 30 Days of EFT Support for Addictions, Compulsions and Attaining Your Goals Program.

Upon registering for this FREE follow-up program, FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS, an 8-10 minute video is delivered to your email address daily. These videos deal with a topic of sabotage followed by a tapping sequence which neutralizes it. Each day you are walked through your potential resistance and sabotage back into your illuminated, adult self who can hold your commitment strong for the next 24 hours!  This structure provides the necessary support which inspires and enables you to sustain your commitment one day at a time.

3) The remaining consult time

The remaining 90 minutes can be used throughout your program or reserved upon its completion to design your success strategy for reinforcing your newly acquired formula for success. OR, if throughout the program, you discover you are just not being able to stay committed there is a core cause originating from your essential wound which needs to be addressed. The remaining 90 minutes is then applied to this endeavor.

This package of 3 hours of Consults combined with 30 Days of Support.

Regularly $425 but get your WEIGHT LOSS/EFT COMBINATION SPECIAL today for only $397!



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