Tension & Trauma Release Exercises

Written by Adam D'souza
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Trauma Release Exercises

Before diving into the trauma release exercises, let us take a practical example of how toxic energy is produced in the body. 

Suppose you are driving a bike in cold winter and your body is freezing, suddenly a truck comes in front of you, and luckily you escape that accident. However, it leaves you all sweaty and trembling in no matter of time. Why do you think that happened? 

Just hold that thought for a while and think, what if your body didn’t get back to normal after that tragic moment?

The human body consists of the nervous system. Whenever you face some life-threatening issue, this system gets activated. It suddenly brings chemical changes in your body, producing stress hormones and starting fight or flight responses. This system helps us to stay alert, safe, and hyperactive in threatful situations by creating a stress response, e.g. sweating in the above example. 

The stress response stays activated for a short time till the danger is gone without leaving any harmful effects. But sometimes, your stress response might stay activated for a long time, producing extra energy that gets absorbed in the body’s muscles, becomes toxic, and stays there as body memory.  That toxic energy, if not released for a long time, causes a variety of physical and mental well-being issues like depression, anxiety and traumas. But how to release that energy? 

We all face stress and tensions in life, but some tension gets so deep-rooted into our lives that it becomes traumas that affect our body and mind.  For many decades, treatments for such stress, traumas, and other clinically significant problems were through talking therapies, psychoanalytic techniques, and heavy medications. 

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But latest research suggests some exercises to be highly effective for this purpose. David Berceli worked for years on mental disorders and created a body-based technique called tension and trauma release exercises TRE. 

 This exercise activates your body muscles and pressure points to release stress naturally by shaking and vibrating the body.  

How does TRE® relax you? 

Trauma stress release exercise is an efficient technique that helps our body muscles release toxic charges naturally. It reset the effectiveness of the nervous system and recovers the imbalance of the body. 

So, it helps treat many issues like Trauma, anxiety, depression, ADHD, and sleep problems. 

Practice Trauma & Stress Release Exercise

Step 1: The first step includes some basic exercises for warmups. That stimulates internal muscles and prepares the body for natural vibrating mechanisms. In actuality, our body is naturally programmed to this mechanism, but we resist it due to which our bodies don’t release stress, and some tension gets so deep-rooted into our lives that it becomes traumas affecting our body and mind. 

Step 2: After the warmup, vibration begins in the body’s core, releasing the stress from the bottom of the spine to the head and towards the legs, called neurological muscle tremors. Once it begins, it becomes self-regulatory. Through TRE training, we can control the intensity of release. 

Step 3: Finally, the rest process begins in which the body learns to balance itself and settle down the emotions that arise. During this, our brain makes new neural pathways and learns to get relaxation. There is also the release of pain relief chemicals called Endorphins. 

Benefits of TRE® 

As mentioned above, it helps to relieve stress, but along with that, there are also a number of its other benefits, which can improve your physical and emotional life. 

  • It helps you to gain positive energy with increased stamina. 
  • Improves the quality of relationships and reduces conflicts. 
  • Quality of sleep gets improved. 
  • Increases Emotional endurance. 
  • Inflammatory Illnesses get cured. 

Who can try TRE®? 

TRE® is being used worldwide in more than 40 countries, making life easier for thousands of people. 

TRE® is not only for people suffering from any Trauma, but any person can improve his life with it. As its body’s natural way to release stress. 

Psoas Trauma Release Exercises

Before talking about the psoas trauma release exercise, let’s have a basic idea about psoas. 

Psoas is a set of muscles also called soul muscles. They are present in our hip area, connecting the spine, legs, and pelvis. The main functions of psoas muscles are 

  • Maintain our center of gravity. 
  • Let us bend to maintain the flexibility of the torso. 
  • Makes the hip joint flexible. 

During any harmful situation, our psoas muscles become activated and start contracting to roll the body in the shape of a ball, ultimately protecting the underbelly from danger. 

Now till here, these muscles play a perfect role, but sometimes the contracted muscles don’t return to their relaxed state, causing tension, stress, and a hell of anxiety. It can also cause body illnesses, chronic diseases, and pains. 

Now we have two exercises to release psoas stress which are as follows.

1: Bringing Knee to chest

First of all, you should lay on your back. Put a rolled towel under your neck to support it. Put your feet on the ground with both knees bent. Start doing deep breathing with proper inhale and exhale 5 times each. 

Bend your right Knee to your chest with fingers of both hands rolled up around it, but your left foot will remain on the ground. Have 5-10 cycles of deep breathing in this position. 

Return to the old initial position with both knees bent and feet on the ground and take 5 cycles of deep breathing. After that, repeat the same thing of moving the Knee to the chest but with the left leg.

2: Child position

Child position is also called wisdom pose or Balasana. Start it by kneeling position with big toes touching and knees are apart. Alleviate the toes so that the feet’s topside is parallel to the ground. 

Put one hand on the upper part of the other and place your forehead on them. Allow the center of your forehead to rest. 

Have 10 cycles of deep breathing so that the rib cage can expand and contract. 

EFT Trauma Release

EFT means emotional freedom technique, also called tapping. It’s highly effective to release stress and traumas, giving you relief from anxiety disorders, emotional imbalance, and PTSD. Trauma Release Exercises

How does it work? 

EFT trauma release works with 15 pressure points on your body for trauma stress release. In EFT, you tap fingers on specific points of the face and body located on energy pathways called meridians. Through this process, you will keep thinking about a past incident or event which evokes a negative emotion and tapping to release those suppressed emotions to make your life better. 

There are specific ways through which EFT helps to manage Trauma; some of them are as follows. 

EFT is a self-help technique

EFT is super easy to practice. Just think about a stressful event, rate it on the SUE scale (Subject unit of experience), and start the EFT process. 

You don’t need a certified therapist to practice EFT every time. Once you have understood and learned it, you can use it anywhere, anytime. 

Reduces trauma symptoms

Scientific evidence shows that EFT reduces the symptoms of Trauma, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and phobias. 

Studies show that 60% of PTSD patients fully recovered from EFT practices. 

The self-Realization of Trauma 

Most of the time, people ignore their sufferings or blame themself for the bad experiences they are going through. They might keep on overthinking old tragic events if they had responded differently. 

EFT lets the person accept himself and release the Trauma by using positive words.

E.g., “My brother died of cancer, but at least I tried my best to get his treatment, and I have some beautiful memories with him.” 

EFT affects the unconscious mind

95% percent of our life’s decisions are from our unconscious mind. Famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud explained that all mental illnesses are due to the unresolved conflicts residing in the unconscious mind. 

Likewise, our old traumas are also present in the deep unconscious. Through EFT, we get access to our unconscious mind using affirmations and 15 pressure point tapping. 

Which helps our mind release negative energy and sets us on the way to a healthy life.