The Inner Child Workbook

Cathryn Taylor’s best selling self help book.



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The Inner Child Workbook

We all have one thing in common we were all once children. As children we progressed through a series of developmental stages as we traveled into adulthood. The tasks mastered and unmastered follow us into adulthood and become the blueprint for our triumphs and challenges. The Inner Child Workbook published by Penguin Inc. has been translated into Dutch, Korean, Czech, and Spanish.

This best seller offers a map to explore your progression. Presented as a six-step model systematically applied to each developmental stage, this workbook guides you back through your childhood inviting you to identify the children within – divine and wounded. Once there, you are provided with a step-by-step process, which assists you in empowering your adult self and connecting with your Higher Source and Higher Self. This, in turn, equips you to resolve acute and chronic post-traumatic stress, rewire the brain and reclaim, once and for all, the magnificent passion of the child-infused divinity within you.