Share the Gift Ebook


The full Share the Gift series.


In this dynamic series Taylor draws from the wisdom of The Teachings of Abraham, channeled through Esther Hicks and from her own training of accessing the Records of the Soul held in the Akashic field. Our mind quiets when it has a context for our pain. It can then categorize our experience and make some sense of our reactions and the choices we make in life. This understanding begins the journey. We can send out intentions to the Universe, and be confident our dreams will manifest.

The Share the Gift series invites you to teach your inner child the laws of the Universe and neutralize his or her fears about attracting that which you desire and deserve. Each module of the Share the Gift series introduces readers to Cathryn’s signature Seven Layer Healing Process that combines inner child work with energy tapping sequences known as EFT. This series applies this model to attracting intimate relationships, abundance, right livelihood, and reciprocal partnerships!