Maximized – A Shamanic Tale


If you have ever suffered a great loss this book has a message for you, one you will hold in your heart forever. In this true story the author seeks and learns how to embrace the great gifts which await all of us on the other side of grief. From the first page to the last readers travel with the author on a shamanic journey of power animals, angels, an Indian Chief and Princess, all lending their support for transforming even the most profound loss.



This is a shamanic tale told by Cathryn which depicts the story of her travels with her canine friend Max. Little did Cathryn know, when she embarked on the book tour journey in an R.V with her canine friend that it would reveal the secrets of Mother Earth, the teachings of a Guide called Chief, and the magnificent challenges and opportunities that loss can offer. If you have ever lost someone you love, and you want to “maximize” that experience, this a tale you will want to read.