Prayer Tap-A-Long

The Prayer Tap-A-Long Series began on April 9th of 2011. Each week a prayer, with an energy tapping sequence, was offered to assist in the “birthing” that was taking place as we progressively moved toward the Awakening of 2012.

That Awakening continues. 

This series takes you by the hand and gently walks you through your own personal emergence. Integrative prayer (combining prayer with tapping) greatly augments your ability to evolve into the truest and highest self you can attain at this time. The more you neutralize your challenges the more you can hold the level of consciousness that enables you to manifest your dreams. 

And now, a download of the complete series – all 40 recordings – with the 3-stages of labor included in the birthing ceremony – are available for purchase!

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What is a Prayer-Tap-A-long?

This Prayer-Tap-a-long combines prayer with EFT Tapping to: 

  • Address the fears of your inner child and clear the force field around the physical form! 
  • Contribute to the healing of those you love … of humanity at large and Mother Earth herself!

This series empowers you to embrace your own unique labor pains, breathe through the fears, regrets, and shame!

It invites you to transition into your most authentic self, fully anchored into your heart and soul.

It takes you by the hand, helps you build the force field you need to manifest your dreams, create the life you desire and serve humanity according to the plan of your soul.


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