Online Programs

For SUPPORT on dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic or the Virus of Fear itself, get FREE Tap-a-Long EFT sequences over 30 days that will help YOU cope.

All of Cathryn’s online programs remind us that we each have an inner child — that aspect within who carries our childlike sense of wonderment as well as our childhood fears. The term “inner child” is simply a way to give a face to all of those feelings you brought into adulthood from when you were a child. He or she is the source of your joy and excitement. But it is also the part within you who may have learned early in life it was not safe to feel or trust.

”In an attempt to protect the psyche from being hurt we developed ways to block anything new from occurring. A part of us got stuck in those old patterns and reacts in a knee-jerk manner anytime it feels threatened or at risk. The intent may be to protect, but the impact is sabotage. An inner child can be responsible for sabotaging relationships because of fear of abandonment, prosperity because of shame and guilt, or career success for fear of not being food enough. Befriending this part of self and “neutralizing’’ his or her fears with EFT invites this part within to once again feel safe enough to allow success.”

Cathryn is also available for one-to-one sessions. Tap here for more information. 

10-Day Tap

New pull from Cathryn…  Build the force field needed to give birth to your authentic self – build the bridge between the default coping mechanisms of your lower brain to the expanded consciousness available in your higher brain – receive a daily email with a 15-20 minute prayer tap-along – climaxing on day 39 and 40 with a birthing ceremony which celebrates your ability to truly manifest your heart’s desires.

30-Day EFT/Inner Child Support Program – Accompanies any consult package!

Developed as a companion program to signing up for a package of 3 hours of Inner child/EFT Consults with Cathryn. In your first one-to-one session (usually 75-90 minutes long) via phone, skype or in person, you and Cathryn determine which area of your life is being sabotaged and which inner child is doing the sabotaging through your addictive and compulsive behaviors. Then you learn, one day at a time, how to build a relationship with that frightened child within which assures your efforts to succeed.

90-Day Soul Step Program

Most of us lack the discipline to exercise regularly and if we do have the discipline it never dawns on us to access our higher source simultaneously.  Cathryn’s weave of body, mind, heart and soul revolutionizes your ability to succeed – not only in the gym but in every area of your life.

20-Week Anniversary Special

Cathryn’s most recent development brings the Inner Child Workbook into the 21st Century. Her most comprehensive piece of work revisits the original exercises in her bestselling book and not only records them but adds the EFT Sequences which supercharges their effectiveness. You receive a weekly module packed with Cathryn’s legacy and commitment to championing your inner child and teaching you how to heal and succeed.

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