I Think… I Like You Better Dead

“Keep me real. Sometimes, I am standing right beside you. I haven’t gone anywhere. Just keep me real.” This message was clearly relayed to Cathryn in a session with a Medium shortly after her brother John’s death. Over the next two years, Cathryn navigated through her grief, doubt, and fear to do just that. The result is this spiritual memoir when one can ask the question, “Is it real … or imagined?”

On this earth plane, no one can say for sure. What is true, however, is quantum physics has shown the mind does not know the difference. Cathryn chose to believe that the adventures, initiations, and healings she and her brother, John, experience together were real.
Will you do the same? Will you let yourself believe that perhaps this book is not so much about their story, but an invitation? An invitation from a deceased loved one who may be calling you to do the same.

Beyond Compassion: The Love That Brought Them Home

Love transcends loss. It is the connector. It is the emotion that defies boundaries and bridges the physical and non-physical worlds. Love is energy. Love envelopes those that love in a force field that does not die. The body dies, but that spiritual connection does not. It lives on and continues to protect, nurture, comfort, and enhance. Beyond Compassion is Cathryn’s true story about the transformative powers of love and loss of first her pet and then her own mother. It is about the change our heart can experience when we have the tools to stay open to that love and breathe through the gut-wrenching feelings of loss. It is a tale that invites you to grab a cup of coffee on a lazy afternoon and take the time to remember — to remember the love, to breathe it in, to close your eyes and take a stroll down the path lined with your own losses. Cathryn inspires you to join her on her journey and then invites you to use the same tools to chart your own course to bliss, and a never-ending connection to those you love.


If you have ever suffered a great loss, this book has a message for you — one you will hold in your heart forever. In this true story, Cathryn seeks and learns to embrace the great gifts which await all of us on the other side of grief. From the first page to the last, readers travel with Cathryn on a shamanic journey of power animals, angels, and an Indian Chief and Princess, all lending their support for transforming even the most profound losses. This story begins when Cathryn, an author and teacher, sells everything and starts traveling across the country in a small motor home to promote her newly released book.

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