What Is Interactive Tapping?

An Introduction to Inner Child Work, Energy Therapy and Interactive Tapping

The method of healing Cathryn uses is her signature model of Energy Therapy she calls, “Interactive Tapping.™” She coined this phrase because the interaction itself is key to teaching you how to build a compassionate relationship with the parts of you who are afraid to succeed because they do not feel worthy of that success. It is common knowledge now that these feelings are rooted in antiquated beliefs ingested in childhood. Focused tapping serves to weed your consciousness of those unwanted and outdated beliefs so you can plant new thoughts and beliefs in new, more fertile ground, more conducive to your being able to allow yourself to attract all that you want and deserve.

The best introduction to traditional EFT comes from its founder, Gary Craig.

EFT is a self-administered form of acupressure that shows great promise in resolving stress-related issues and biochemical imbalances. These challenges originate in childhood. They, however, emerge in adulthood ─ not only as compulsions, addictions, and spiritual and mental challenges, but also, and perhaps more profoundly, as severe emotional traumas (such as post-traumatic-stress-disorder−PTSD, depression, anxiety, or unresolved grief).

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