Inner Child Therapy Course

Cathryn’s Refresher Course for the Inner Child works with compulsions, addictions or any goal you may aspire to attain.

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Inner child therapy 

Our inner child is a portrayal of ourselves at various points in our childhood. Everyone has an inner child of a variety of ages. This part of ourselves is related to the curiosity, creativity, and natural enthusiasm we experienced as a child. 

When you associate with your inner child, you can connect with your experiences and qualities at that time. You can physically feel how you felt at that time. 

As a child, we are impressionable, willingly devouring what our parents, family, caretakers, & environments teach us and how they treat and love us. 

Attachment wounds or inner child wounds can take place when there is a chronic rupture without repair or a traumatic event. For instance, chronic rupture without repair can take place when a child is crying out for help, and no one notices him. The child has been left unheard by everyone. 

Moreover, ruptures can also occur in daily life all around adulthood from “ when someone does not hold the door open for us anywhere or when someone does not greet us. Research shows that an inner child therapy course helps various people resolve the underlying causes of their traumas and depression. 

In adulthood, we can heal our inner child wounds or attachment wounds and create the secure, peaceful, hopeful outer environment that our younger selves have always wanted. 

What is inner child work? 

Inner child work is also known as inner child healing. It is a technique to express our needs that have not been met as children and heal the attachment wounds that have been developed over time. Inner child healing is an act to go inside of yourself in order to explore our feelings that may have been labeled ad rejected as “too much” and “inappropriate” by others. Everyone has a part of themselves that has not been loved or treated the right way as you needed.  Inner child healing includes making a space where your unconscious is allowed to take the lead. 

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Inner-child work is a trauma-informed technique for working with individuals who have experienced multiple kinds of trauma, neglect and abuse earlier in life. The inner-child trauma can exist either within the family or outside the family.Inner child therapy

Inner child work combined frameworks of somatic therapies, attachment theory, psychodynamic theories, and internal family systems. These types of therapy are embedded in the intention that our past influences the present, our bodies and subconscious hold on to wisdom, and there is hope for new relations to be made within or without therapy. 

What is inner child therapy? 

Inner child therapy includes uncovering a union between your adult self and inner child. Inner child therapy focuses on thoughts that we hold about others, the world, and ourselves. These thoughts we had developed as a child when we were young and were not able to identify whether the information we are basing on our thoughts is correct or not. Inner child therapy work on the part of our subconscious mind where the feelings, beliefs, and memories as a child are held. It allows us to communicate with our younger selves, and those limiting and mistaken beliefs can be changed. You will be assisted in acquiring the particular information via the subconscious mind that allows you to get to the root cause of any occurring problems and disturbing behaviors. 

With the therapist’s help, by using particular techniques such as transactional analysis, your adult self can give your inner child suitable information, support, and love, which are the elements that need to be changed, those mistaken and negative thoughts & beliefs. 

Furthermore, changing the “inner child” point of view enables both “adult & child self” to have the same positive thoughts regarding the experience and self emotional freedom. 

How inner child therapy works? 

Inner child therapy enables you to build an understanding of how and why issues have developed as well as how to resolve the negative thoughts that are stopping you from being your true self and living the life that you have always wanted to live. 

Inner child therapy effectively and gently deals with particular problems and bad experiences without the sufferer having to go into detailed talk regarding the part as it can be difficult or triggering for most people. It is specifically designed to deliver results quickly and effectively by solving the problems and building a long-lasting change. Inner child therapy helps to deal with: 

  • Traumatic incidents 
  • Social problems 
  • Childhood abuse 
  • Compulsive behavior 
  • Loss & grief 
  • Anger issues 
  • Childhood neglect 
  • Career problems 
  • Anxiety & depression 

And many more!

What are the benefits of inner child work therapy? 

There are a lot of benefits of inner child therapy. It specifically benefits those who have suffered from neglect, abusive behavior, general dysfunction, sexual abuse, and physical abuse as a child. Inner child therapy can assist people to process trauma by recognizing and explaining the root cause of any ongoing psychological wounds or problems that hinder the ability to function well as adults. 

  • Understanding the pain: 

Learning the intensity of the pain. It is only possible by sitting with another person suffering from the same situation, understanding and feeling your situation. You can understand the intensity of pain by making space to talk about how they feel, process the pain, and at which age the trauma has occurred. 

  • Recognize the boundaries: 

Inner child therapy is a dynamic process. Your needs might change from session to session as therapists work with experiences, feelings, memories, and triggering traumas that occur at various ages. You will learn and identify what you need at different development levels when this happens. You will be able to draw boundary lines without any judgment for the different versions of yourself that may show up. 

  • Improved quality of life: 

Childhood trauma can really affect the functioning and productivity of your daily life activities. Inner child therapy enables you to lead a happy and peaceful life, a life that you have wanted so far. You will be able to do productive tasks with more motivation and dedication. You will feel relaxed; you will not get any negative thoughts about ongoing or past situations. 

Other benefits of inner child therapy are: 

  • Improved vitality 
  • Reduced depression & anxiety 
  • Boosted functioning 
  • Improved emotional regulation & maturity 
  • Better interpersonal relationships 
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