Fireside Chat

Keep Uncomfortable Conversations Going in a Comfortable and Balanced Way

Online Fireside Chat
Keep Uncomfortable Conversations Going in a Comfortable and Balanced Way
Cathryn Taylor
July 22 at 7pm – $10

Can you address the tumultuous feelings of social unrest, confusing and contradictory messages about COVID 19, and its medical, financial, and professional ramifications while at the same time expanding to view these earthly situations through the eyes of your Higher Self … exploring the spiritual purpose for the state of the world at this time?

In this Fireside Chat Cathryn will:

  • Stimulate contradictory feelings through short video clips targeting today’s issues
  • Inspire you to comfortably confront difficult topics
  • Provide journal exercises, discussion, and tapping sequences to navigate, neutralize, and resolve your challenging responses.
  • Teach you how to attain and sustain the sense of harmony and calm that is so desperately needed in the world today.
  • Encourage you to engage is conversations with others, with your fragile selves, your Higher Power, and illuminated self.
  • Invite you to safely explore the spiritual purpose and soul lesson related to the state of the world and your unique response

Bring pen, paper, an open heart, and a curious mind.

Hear how to be a student or, not a victim to the circumstances of the world.

Become part of the solution instead of the problem.

Cathryn Taylor is a licensed counselor and author of the bestselling Inner Child Workbook. In her forty years of practice, she has learned to masterfully weave together her expertise on the Inner Child, her spiritual training in accessing the Akashic Records of your Soul, and the energy therapy of EFT Tapping to offer a revolutionary process she calls Integrative Tapping™. This combination promotes healing between the fragile part who sabotages and your authentic self who is ready to step forward and live life motivated by faith rather than fear, trust rather than betrayal, and acceptance rather than shame and guilt.


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