The Cycle of Addictions

Using Interactive Tapping™ for each of the Four Stages of Spiritual Recovery from Addictions, Compulsions and Stress Leads to Extraordinary Results

What is Interactive Tapping™?

Interactive Tapping™ is an advanced method of traditional EFT tapping. The difference is that the sequences target the respective relationships needing resolution which emerge in each stage of recovery. The delivery method is the same. The set-up phrases establish the relationship being addressed, healed and resolved. The reminder phrases first, neutralize the resistance, second, offer the possibility of change, and then third, tap in the conviction for the relationship to be healed.

The Benefits of Interactive Tapping™

Contributes to the healing of the physical body by:
1) Assisting in arresting the physiological component of addictive disease and process which, 2) brings down the immediate craving within minutes which, 3) enables individuals to more progressively walk away from their multiple layers of addictions – one addiction at a time.

Contributes to the healing of the emotional body by:
1) Offering an ongoing method for resolving the underlying issues which contribute to relapse and cross-addiction, 2) Engaging the inner child or children in a powerful, and yet playful activity that teaches them how to cope in a new way.

Contributes to the healing of the mental body by:
1) Reinforcing the building of new neuro-pathways which enables individuals to move from being a victim of to a student of their addiction compulsive behaviors, and 2) More effectively reprograms the DNA on a cellular and etheric level.

Facilitates the healing of the spiritual body by:
1) Supporting the exploration of a higher purpose of addictive behavior, 2) Assisting individuals in strengthening their relationship not only to their higher power but also the partnership between their human self and their higher self.

Contributes to the healing of “Global Post Traumatic Stress.”

Addiction stress, the latest addiction, touches and affects every individual on the planet.

Four Stages of Recovery – Stage by Stage

STAGE ONE RECOVERY – This is the intervention stage. During this stage of recovery, the individual is learning how to cope with life without acting out addictively. The only way a person can succeed at this stage is by abstaining from the substance or behavior that triggers addictive reactions or activates the addict within.  The goal is to establish a viable recovery self who can set limits with the inner addict and support the commitment to abstinence and success.
The Program available for this Stage of Recovery consists of a YouTube playlist which escorts you through those triggering challenges that can derail you from staying abstinent and committing to the program. Each video targets a specific issue challenging your abstinence in those first 30 days and is coupled with an Interactive Tapping™ sequence that helps deal with that area of concern.

STAGE TWO RECOVERY  This stage of recovery addresses the underlying issues of your addiction. It is during this stage the inner child work is the most appropriate.

Although there are no real hard and fast rules in order to obtain the most benefit from this work at this stage of recovery, it is ideal to have at least 2 years of active program involvement which includes working with a sponsor, mentor, or counselor; being committed to a number of 12-Step or self-help meetings you attend regularly; and having the interest in developing a relationship with that inner child who, out of fear, tries to pull you back into active addiction. To work with these issues before you have this solid support system, can set you up to be vulnerable to relapse.

The Program available for this Stage of Recovery consists of access to 30-days of Interactive Tapping™ (click here to watch video intro) sequences that are self-administered.  Each day you receive a new email containing a fresh audio and video tapping sequence that targets a specific inner child issue that challenges your abstinence.

STAGE THREE RECOVERY – During this stage of recovery, your focus turns more to determining your value system and becoming more aligned with your higher purpose and higher self. Having established a strong connection with your Higher Power, you are now ready to strengthen your relationship to what is referred to as your Higher Self. Values need to be clarified and intentions for life must be set. It is during this stage you can begin to understand the energetic dynamic of attracting drama into your life – it is the drama that triggered addictive acting out. When you can look at your addictive behavior through this lens you truly can move from being a victim to your addictions to being a student of your addictions and ultimately a spiritual-aligned master of your life.

To benefit the most from this work, it is useful to have at least 3-5 years of recovery, be interested in, or actively pursuing, a spiritual path, and in evaluating your value system from the eyes of your higher self. My “Share the Gift” Series addresses this area very nicely. It consists of four eBooks that address intimate relationships, abundance, career, or reciprocal partnerships.

STAGE FOUR RECOVERY – This stage of recovery incorporates the multi-dimensional perspective of addictive behavior.  It draws on the newest brain science; the work of experts such as Dr. Richard Hanson who speaks of neuroplasticity; Bruce Lipton who works with epigenetics and cellular DNA reprogramming to name a few. This is possible because the individual who has fully recovered in the physical, mental, and emotional realms of their personality can begin to look at the multiplicity of his or her addictive behavior from a soul-purpose perspective. He or she is ready to seek a deeper understanding of addictive behaviors. This can lead to an exploration of how addictive behaviors have severed the individual from his or her higher source. It can even expand into the exploration of the latest addiction to stress itself. The understanding of the disconnection from the authentic self as a result of excessive stress inspires a pursuit of mindfulness activities. Some are even inspired to grasp the higher purpose of the recovery movement itself. This can include entertaining the concept that your soul may even have charted these challenges as a way to help you spiritually expand and evolve.

Most are inspired to work from this level after at least 5 solid years in recovery. By this time your life is stabilized enough to be interested in, or actively pursuing, a spiritual path, and in navigating through your addictive behaviors from a more spiritually expansive stance rather than a survival one.


My “7-Themes of the Soul Series” addresses this area very nicely. It consists of eight eBooks each addressing one of the key themes that your soul charts to resolve by viewing your challenges that address intimate relationships, abundance, career, or reciprocal partnerships. My Conscious Living Series is also be dedicated to this topic.  Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to be notified of these broadcasts.

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