EFT Tapping Sequences for the Coronavirus

On March 22, 2020, in response to a sense of powerlessness related to the pandemic sweeping the world, I was inspired to open the Akashic Records of Mother Earth and bring forth this EFT Tapping Sequence. Several days after uploading this video on YouTube, I made a personal commitment to record a daily tapping sequence for 30 days. I wanted to offer my support in helping YOU deal with the tumultuous emotions of this pandemic. Each of these tapping sequences can be used to not only deal with the Coronavirus but also the universal “Virus of Fear.” I hope it will assist you in addressing and moving through the challenges of this time, or any time in the future when in need of finding your way back to a state of peace and calm.

If you have never tapped before then I recommend you first watch Founder, Gary Craig’s video as an introduction to EFT.

Day 1 Introduction and Tapping for Coronavirus Support

Introduction and Intention Tapping Sequence

If you would like to look at your unique role in this evolution through the eyes of your Akashic Records and receive a customized tapping sequence to support you on your journey, please call me directly at 612.710.7720.

Day 2 The Need for Structure

Inspired by Bessel van der Kolk’s video, I lead you through a tapping sequence that supports your development of an internal structure. Trauma results from feeling like your world is unpredictable and you are powerless to do anything about it. This tapping sequence assists you in developing the internal structure that will help you attain and sustain a sense of safety and predictability.

Day 3 Metaphoric Tapping Sequence on The Universal Respiratory Challenge

Humanity is over-stimulated, overamped, disconnected from the Creator Self, and in need of a pause. Breathing is a way to connect. Tap on your own lung clearance and surrogate tap on the lungs of loved ones, humanity and Mother Earth, herself.

Day 4 Tapping Sequence on a Short Version of the Serenity Prayer

This sequence is a short version of the Serenity Prayer. It gives you an immediate, one-line sequence that enables you to interrupt a biochemical fight or flight response to fear, anger, grief, or despair that can get triggered during crisis. Support your brain in decreasing adrenalin and cortisol and releasing instead serotonin and dopamine to calm you down.

Day 5 Your Place on the Continuum

Everyone has a role to play in this evolution and transformation. This sequence honors that continuum and gives you a chance to determine your unique role.

Day 6 Five +1 Stages of Grief

This pandemic is bringing up a tremendous amount of loss for everyone on the planet — a loss of predictability, safety, financial security, you name it. This tapping sequence takes you through each of the stages of grief and offers a tapping round to address each one. It will empower you to deal with intense emotions and help you return to a state of peace of calm.

Day 7 Take Your Place on the Human Chain of Healing

This sequence asks you to first envision the human chain of transmutation, transformation, and healing that is evolving all over the planet. Then I invite you to find your place on this chain. Each of us matters and has our share to transmute and our healing to contribute. Once you have envisioned this, the tapping sequence provided helps you anchor this vision into your own consciousness as you become a vital part of the solution for planetary healing.

Day 8 Designing Your Own Sequences

In today’s recording, I speak about the necessity of designing your own sequences so you can feel in command of this healing technique. I also provide a worksheet for the formula that can be accessed here: Designing Your Own Formula

Day 9 Pray for Yourself- Pray for Your Neighbor

To be a clear conduit for healing, you need to clean your own forcefield first. In today’s tapping and meditation, I invite you to first pray for yourself and then join me in surrogate tapping on behalf of those closest to the epicenter of this crisis — the patients, their families, and the hospital workers. Please note this is delivered more as a meditation than a “sequence” so don’t focus on repeating what I say as much as just moving around the endpoints as your close your eyes, listen and tap.

Day 10 The Astrology of the Great Awakening

A friend texted me the following astrological information and my astrologer friend, DK Brainard, confirmed that it is accurate.

  • Last time Pluto transited Capricorn, as it is now, was the American Revolution.
  • Last time Uranus transited Taurus, as it is now, was the end of the Great Depression.
  • Last time Neptune transited Pisces, as it is now, was the abolition of slavery.
  • This is the Great Awakening.

This sequence builds on this astrological perspective to support our human chain of healing. We each have our unique version of fear, and that fear has a greater purpose. Neutralize your tension on behalf of yourself, your loved ones, humanity, and Mother Earth, herself. Become part of the solution as you transmute your challenging feelings and reclaim a sense of faith and hope. Every moment you choose to do so contributes to the human chain of healing.

Day 11 What Does My Soul Want Me To Master?

We are hearing so much now about the opportunity this pandemic is giving all of us so today we begin to explore exactly what YOUR soul might want YOU to learn from this experience. How you can take advantage of that opportunity? What answer do you get when you ask your soul, in its infinite wisdom, what it wants you to learn from this crisis? Ask… when in the history of my soul, and even in this lifetime have I felt this way before, and what is it I can master by learning how to navigate through my tension and fear back to a state of peace and calm? This tapping sequence will help you anchor in that question, neutralize resistance to hearing the answer and garner the courage to explore what you hear.

Day 12 Today Is a Good Day to Pray

Whether you are Christian or not today is a good day to pray! A fun way to do that is to take your inner child by the hand, throw all your fears into a bucket, empty the bucket into a recycling bag, neutralize them with tapping, and then hand the bag to your Angel and exchange it for a basket of your gifts and talents — a basket of your prayers for peace, hope and faith.

Day 13 Be Here Now: Finding Our New Normal

Most of us are well into our “stay-at-home” experiences and are trying to find our “new normal.” Some are closer to the epicenter of tension than others. Today I invite you to determine where you are and to accept your situation for what it is in this moment. I encourage you to use tapping sequences (this one or others) to deal with whatever is on your plate, to neutralize intense emotion, to redirect apathy, and to explore the higher purpose of your personal situation from the perspective of your Soul.

Day 14 From Mother Earth’s Vibration to Mine

We are one with Mother Earth. Every cell of our body comes from the cells of hers. Mother Earth vibrates and we are directly connected to that vibration. We are either in resonance or dissonance with her. Whatever is within us that is vibrating at a lower frequency than Mother Earth will be dislodged. It is as if Mother Earth and humanity are on this gigantic cleanse. You might experience this dissonance as irritation, nausea, congestion, sadness, dread, depression, or even body aches as your system is cleansed and prepared to hold this new vibration. Today’s tapping sequence will assist you.

Day 15 Bungee Jump with Your Higher Self and Guardians

You have found your place on the continuum; determined your contribution to the human chain of healing and aligned with Mother Earth. Today’s tapping takes you on a journey with your Higher Self and your spiritual support system. You are given a meditation followed by a tapping sequence that insures you that your Higher Self and guidance have your back. They act as your GPS directing you right into the set of feelings you are to transmute. You are then given the support to “bungee jump” into those feelings and neutralize them with the tapping, knowing the whole time that you are connected and supported. The elasticity of the bungee cord always brings you back to a state of peace, and calm.

Day 16 What is My Truth? Is This the Great Awakening?

A friend sent me a link to a YouTube today entitled: Covid 19 – The Great Awakening. I am giving you the link to this video, but also encourage you to go to the YouTube channel and search for other videos that are carrying the same message. Today, I invite you to explore this concept; to subject yourself to this possibility, to examine your response to what you hear. Does that prospect uplift you, give you hope? Or does it make you feel uncomfortable on behalf of all those who are suffering? Are you up close and personal to this crisis and feel anger when it is minimized or seen as expanding instead of destructive and devastating? Your reaction may change day-to-day. Embrace where you’re at. Use the tapping sequence to own and neutralize your feelings without judgment or fear.

Day 17 Tapping While Chanting a Violet Flame Decree

Chanting mantras or “decreeing” are highly effective cleansing tools. The repetition of the words sends out an impulse that transmutes negative energy. Add tapping to a chant or decree and you increase their potency 10-fold. Today, I lead you in a sequence in which we tap while stating a violet flame decree. Invoking the violet flame to consume the toxins surrounding the planet during this time offers support not only to Mother Earth but to each of us who inhabit her. The use of the decree that I share here is most widely associated with the work of Elizabeth Claire Prophet. I include it below so you can simply state it right along with me.

I AM the Violet Flame in action in me now!
I AM the Violet Flame to light alone I bow
I AM the Violet Flame in mighty cosmic power
I AM the Light of God shining every hour
I AM the Violet Flame blazing like a Sun
I AM God’s sacred Power freeing everyone! (3x or more)

For more information on the violet flame, please tap here.


Day 18 Cleanse the World of Its Abandonment and Fear

If indeed the spiritual purpose of this pandemic is for the human consciousness to move from the 3rd dimension of fear and separation to the 5th dimension of connection and union, then how can we use the energy technique of tapping to accelerate that journey — not only for ourselves but for those we love, for humanity and for Mother Earth, herself? Today’s tapping sequence guides you through that transition. It invites you to join the human chain of healing as we cleanse the world of its abandonment and loss. Tap here to read more about the differences between the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions.

Day 19 Join the Human Chain of Healing to Cleanse the World of Its Betrayal and Lack of Hope

Shifting our consciousness from the 3rd dimension of fear to the 5th dimension of love involves cleaning up the accumulated toxicity of the challenging feelings. Today we continue to world cleanse as we stand side by side on the human chain of healing and neutralize the vibration of betrayal, within ourselves, on behalf of our loved ones, humanity and Mother Earth.

Day 20 Join the Human Chain of Healing to Cleanse the World of its Shame and Guilt

Nothing is more toxic than shame and guilt. They burrow into the psyche and wreak havoc with our self-esteem and our ability to stay calm and safe. As we lift from the 3rd to the 5th dimension of consciousness, we use our tapping to cleanse Mother Earth of the residue accumulated from the shame and guilt within us, those we love, and humanity itself.

Day 21 Join the Human Chain of Healing to Cleanse the World of Isolation and Disconnection

How are you dealing with the disconnection and exclusion from your normal day-to-day life? In this time of pause and social isolation, we not only have the space to virtually connect with our friends and family, but we also have the opportunity to connect with our spiritual family in a very profound way. These connections are the very threads that will reweave the fabric of humanity and rewire the collective consciousness of our planet. Today’s tapping sequence reinforces the unity felt when resistance is neutralized and isolation is collapsed.

Day 22 Evidence of the Great Awakening!

Today, there is no recorded sequence!

Today, I simply invite you to open your heart and tap on your endpoints as you watch the video below.

This is evidence of the Great Awakening.

It addresses the real virus that encases our world — a virus that didn’t start in China, a virus that begins in the belly of humanity and ends as we step into our hearts to share our vulnerability and truth with our fellow man.


Step inside the circle. Tap and breathe as you watch. Replace YOUR abuse with courage. Replace the abuse of your loved ones with compassion. Neutralize the abuse of humanity, then replace it with the power of honest and truth.

This is evidence of the Great Awakening.

Day 23 Embracing Your Soul’s Purpose of Passivity, Rebellion and Reverence

Whenever there is great social change it is accompanied by rebellion. Some group, frustrated with passivity, rebels against an oppressive structure. The same is true when we feel passive and then rebel in our own lives — but when we look at this contrast through the eyes of our soul from that internal dance can come reverence. Today’s tapping sequence dances with the relevance of rebellion, passivity, and reverence.

Day 24 Transmuting Personal and Collective of Anxiety, Panic and Fear

Today we begin our 7-day wrap-up to this series by globally addressing the vibration of anxiety, panic, and fear. Whether it is related to the Coronavirus or the “Virus of Fear,” the universal response is to feel powerless and at risk of loss — loss of control, loss of safety, loss of predictability. This tapping sequence is designed to be generic and applicable to any virus you might encounter, be it now or at any point in your future.

Day 25 Transmuting Personal and Collective Frustration of “What’s Next” or Being Out of Control

Today we continue our 7-day wrap up by dealing with the personal and collective frustration of being out of control. In response to any loss there is always the moment where we try to control the circumstances out of fear of what comes next. This tapping sequence will help you deal with that tension and frustration. It guides you back to your divine connection and gives you a way to stay in your heart so you can take action that is spiritually-infused instead of ego-driven.

Day 26 Transmuting Personal and Collective of Irritation, Anger and Rage

When we are unable to control a situation in our life, we push back. It starts with irritation, can morph into anger, and if not addressed, evolves into resentment and outright rage. Each of these emotional reactions is fueled by fear but is also an external reaction to powerlessness. Anger is truth unspoken. If you are not feeling it yourself, then you are experiencing the anger of the world that is in the air. Just turn on the news and you get a glimpse of the current temperature of anger and rage. This is the epitome of helplessness striking out. Today’s tapping neutralizes the collective anger and irritation and dislodges your personal anger and irritation so this strong emotion can be discharged, neutralized and transmuted. Then recycled for peace, empowerment, and love.

Day 27 Transmuting Personal and Collective of Depression and Despair

There are two primary emotions confronted when dealing with any sense of powerlessness or trauma — depression and despair. Although they feel similar, depression and despair are actually two very different feelings. We feel depressed when we depress or suppress emotions repeatedly. We stuff them down and attempt to ignore their presence. Unfortunately, this pushing down of emotion just invites it to fester and manifest in more physical ways such as headaches, muscle aches, immune deficiencies, skin irritations, mental challenges, or even more life-threatening diseases. Despair, however, occurs when we actually dare to stand in the truth of a situation and experience the absence or void of what has been lost. There is a great deal of both of these emotions circling the world these days and today’s tapping sequence assists you in touching it in yourself and others so it can be neutralized and transmuted into acceptance and transformation.

Day 28 Neutralize Fear and Return to Faith and Resolution

The last stage of grief, before the recently-added sixth stage of transformation, is acceptance and resolution of what is. Transformation can only occur once we have released the fear attached to the circumstances of our life and move beyond feeling like a victim. When viewed from the eyes of our Soul, there are no accidents. There are no mistakes. But our human self does not always share that experience. Today’s tapping sequence helps you address this dichotomy.

Day 29 Transcend and Transform – The Final Elevation from Fear to Love

What will it look like when we, individually and collectively, succeed at moving from the 3rd dimension of fear to the 5th dimension of love? “What we can conceive we can achieve.” If we want a new world, we have to be the new world. Can you contribute to that human chain of healing and breathe into that new reality? Can you contribute by asking the question that prompts the universe to begin to fill the void with the answer? “I wonder what it will be like when the dominant vibration on the planet is the frequency of love.”
Today’s tapping sequence formulates that question and opens up a portal that invites the universe to answer.

Day 30 The Endgame: From Mediocrity to Mastery – The New Normal

Yesterday, we posed the question for the Universe to answer. Today we get to decide how we want to show up for the endgame on the other side of this pause. It is a decision we each will have to make from moment to moment. Mediocrity is not being conscious enough to even make a decision. Mastery is having a true acceptance of self and others. It is showing up for what our Soul is longing for us to do in this lifetime.

But it also means showing up with a reverence for our human self. It means sustaining respect for the partnership between our soul and personality. If we respect and have reverence for ourselves, we have respect and reverence for our loved ones, for humanity, and for Mother Earth herself.

Today, in this last sequence of this series, we celebrate our commitment to ourselves and to every living being on this planet. And we ask our Creator for the serenity, the courage, and the wisdom to succeed.

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