Conscious Living Series

Do you suffer from guilt and shame over having an abortion?

Are you riddled with embarrassment about having had to file bankruptcy?

Did you go through a trying divorce and now feel as though you failed?

What if each of these events in your life could be looked at through the eyes of your soul?

What if there were reasons you had to face such decisions, and by making peace with your choices, you would actually complete a task of your soul?

Many of the events in our life leave us wounded, branded and broken.

But what if you could look at these events from a new angle … from the compassionate and loving eyes of your soul – that spiritual part of you who either charted that challenge or had a plan as to how you could make use of it?


In my new FREE online Series, “Conscious Living – EFT for Your Inner Child and Soul,” we explore events such as these. We ponder the perspective of your soul and identify what it might have been inspiring you to learn.

This series is based on the belief that we are never a victim – even if our human self experiences situations from the victim’s perspective. This is not to say that we “create and deserve “all of the “bad” things that happen to us. But it is my contention that, with few exceptions, our soul and spiritual guidance either “charted” these challenging experiences or, at the very least, agreed to endure them, with the hope that the personality, the human self, the physical expression of the soul in this incarnation, would be inspired to grow from the traumatic experience. I believe this is true even if the trauma was the result of the misguided “free will” of one who you trusted.

The series begins by building the internal support system needed to resolve intense issues such as these and the development is organic.  Not even I know what the next month’s topic will be. But I do know there is a layering that is taking place. I know that ultimately each event mentioned above will be featured.  But I have to present it in the manner in which it is presented to me.

So follow the series month to month or return to this website on a monthly basis to see what the latest layer is. Again, I will offer the links as they are available.


Januaryin keeping to the integrity of this series I found that the topic which needed to first be addressed is the challenge we feel when we have one agenda and our consciousness or higher self has another. Each of the three broadcasts featured this subject. 

1st Broadcast – the first of the three broadcasts, which aired January 15th, 2014, provides you with the overview of this month’s challenge which is how you can deal with obligations when you are uninspired! This broadcast sets the stage for you to begin to trust and accept yourself even when a part of you wants to move forward but a bigger part holds you back. Could there be a reason for this and is it in our best interest to simply accept where we are and wait?  Tune in to find out.

 Click here to listenRandom Thoughts on What to Do When You Are Uninspired!

2nd Broadcast – In this second of three broadcasts, which aired on January 20th, of this month’s, FREE, online class I again address the challenges we face when making promises we are unable to keep or breaking obligations that defy authenticity. I help you see the higher purpose of such challenges, and assist you in sorting through the beliefs, feelings, physical manifestations and spiritual blocks encountered as you resolve these conflicts with integrity and grace.

Click here to listenEdge EFT Happy Half Hour – How to Accept Delay – Body, Mind, Heart and Soul!

3rd Broadcast – This third of three broadcasts, which aired on January 29th, wraps up the month with a series of tapping sequences that assist you in moving from the judgment of self for being unmotivated to accepting yourself even amidst delays and moments which lack motivation.  I challenge you to consider that perhaps even this delay is divinely inspired and holds a higher purpose!

Click here to listen What Does It Really Mean to Be Here Now?

BONUS BROADCAST An interview with author, Liesel Teversham on, No Problem - The Upside of Saying No! So often we need to say no when we are saying yes. The guilt, shame, and fear of rejection override our need to set limits and operate in a self-caring manner.  Listen to the conversation between Liesel and myself.  She has some very inspiring thoughts and methods concerning the art of saying no! To learn more about Liesel and her book go to:

A Conversation with Liesel Teversham on, No Problem: The Upside of Saying No!

February – Healing and Balancing your Internal Relationships

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we explore your most intimate relationship – that one between the male and female within you! 

If you long for that nurturing relationship with another, but feel you can never attract that person of your dreams …

If you battle with blame and shame, struggle to feel loved, accepted and safe …

If you are ready to look at your most intimate relationship (or lack thereof) through the eyes of your soul,

Then this month will provide some relief!

February is the month of love and this month we explore what your soul wants you to learn about love …loving yourself and loving another!

Click here to listen –  Intimacy – See Into Me – Through You I See Me  – Get the Overview of the inner relationships that determine your romantic fate!

Click here to listen – EFT Happy Half Hour on Conscious Relationships  Neutralize your limiting beliefs, challenging emotions, physical manifestations and the spiritual blocks which prohibit that healthy, internal relationship

And finally, in the 3rd Broadcast …

Click here to listen –  Participate in the Ceremony of Your Life! Come into partnership with your higher and human selves, your inner father and mother, and your body and soul. Each of these inner relationships then stands witness to the marriage between your inner male and female. It is this inner marriage that sets the blueprint needed to attract the partner of your dreams, to experience success in all that you aspire to achieve. 

With this marriage intact you will be ready to proceed over the next year in exploring the relationships and events in your life from the perspective of your soul. 

Each month we will dislodge, shift, revise and resolve revealed issues.


Because your soul holds the key to your being able to feel empowered instead of victimized, connected instead of isolated and fulfilled instead of lonely!

March – 7-Layer Healing Process SUPERCHARGED – “Empowering Your Adult Self” 

Last month, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I offered you a sacred ceremony to bring harmony to those internal relationships which are so essential in creating the life you choose.

Your balanced the energies of your higher and human selves, brought into partnership your internal father and mother, made peace between your body and your adult self and stated your sacred vows between your inner male and female.

With these relationships intact, and with your strong connection to your helpers in the unseen, you are ready to begin this journey by acquiring the tools needed to proceed.

And in March I give you just that. This month we continue to build the internal structure needed to succeed.

Now many of you have are familiar with my 7-Layer Healing Process I developed and integrated into my Share the Gift Series.  I created a YouTube video series that is available on my YouTube channel. 

But in response to listening to Dr. Ruth Bryczynski’s webcast sessions on the new brain science, I’m inspired to revise this formula and supercharge the interactive tapping sequences with the new, brain science language.

We have been hearing for some time that the brain is changeable – even though for most of the 20th century that was not the case.  But now there is a ton of research supporting this and a great many processes by which this is accomplished.

EFT and tapping itself actually accomplish rewiring the brain just the very fact that these processes combine exposure therapy with cognitive therapy to identify a wound and reframe that wound so it is tolerable. Pitting a symptom against an affirmation gives the brain a way to build this new neural pathway which serve to support new beliefs and paradigms.

My unique brand of Interactive Tapping and my 7-Layer Healing Process take this rewiring even deeper in that it targets precisely the steps needed to build a relationship with the part of you who carries that wound and give him or her a different experience.

So to prepare for this year I have revised that model and supercharged it with the language of the new brain science. The interactive tapping we will be using month to month is enhanced by targeting the brain directly with sequences aimed directly with this intent. 

My 7-Layer Healing Process is still the same.

It is just being supercharged. We still work with your presenting challenges, look at the challenges through the eyes of your soul to get the higher purpose of your struggle, and design the interactive tapping sequences to soothe your inner child’s fears and relieve your body of the stress.

Once we revise my 7-Layer Healing Process you will be even more ready to:

Address those gut-wrenching decisions presented in my 2015 Conscious Living Series, decisions about abortion, bankruptcy, divorce, that keep you embroiled in fear, shame and doubt.

Bring resolution and peace to molestation, domestic violence, addictive behaviors …

As you learn how to build the new pathways in your brain that ensure success.

But before I can take you on this journey I need to give you the formula we will be using to succeed at this goal and the three broadcasts this month begin to prepare you.   

The first broadcast introduces you to Dr. Richard Hanson’s H.E.A.L. acronym and begins to give you the foundation for this evolving Formula which supercharges my 7-Layer Healing Process with the language and intention of the new neuroscience language.

Click here to listen: Rewire Your Brain with New Interactive Tapping

In the second broadcast, I offered sequences that began to prepare your body, mind, heart and soul for the linking process of this formula.

Click here to listen: Rewire Your Brain; Recondition Your Heart; Reprogram Your Body; Reframe the Purpose of Your Pain!

And in the third broadcast we deal with  Layer One of my 7 Layer Healing Process – we prepare the adult self so that he or she can be adequately charged to respond in such a way to the wounded one that a new pathway is built.  The cumulative effect of repeatedly engaging the brain in this new manner prepares you to shift from defaulting into the negative patterns of behavior to defaulting into positive ones which can support your ultimate goals!

Click here to listen:  New Interactive Formula to Rewire Your Brain


Do you ever feel like you will just never get over it? You collapse into that dark hole, and once there, it feels as though that is all there is – the anxiety, despair, and alienation is the summation of all that you are?  

This month we work with LAYER TWO of my newly SUPERCHARGED 7-Layer Healing Process.

1st Broadcast – aired April 16th, 2014 on EFT Radio – Discover the value of such spirals and the techniques you can use to resolve them! 

Click here to listen: Will I Ever Get Over This? Why Can’t I Just Let Go?

2nd Broadcast – aired April 21st on Edge Talk Radio – Be guided to rewire your brain and recondition your heart so you can feel peace and joy instead of pain!

Click here to listen: Edge EFT Happy Half Hour – Heal Body, Mind, Heart and Soul

3rd Broadcast – aired April 30th, 2014 on EFT Radio – Be prepared to embrace your duality! Learn how to separate from your wounded ones so you can respond and meet their needs.

Click here to listen: YOU ARE THE ONE – your inner child has been waiting for …


1st Broadcast aired May 16th on EFT Radio – This broadcast gives you the overview and shows you how your anxiety may be serving you, why your unworthiness might make you feel safe. Get the instructions on how you can move forward and how to restore your trust in your ability to cope.

Click here to listen – The Purpose of Your Anxiety – The Reason You Repel Love!  

2nd Broadcast aired May 19th, 2014 on Edge Talk Radio – Embrace the purpose of your anxiety and quiet that aspect of you who lives in fear; Revise the outdated belief systems and move from terror to faith, betrayal to trust and calm; Neutralize those feelings that hold you captive and sabotage your efforts to succeed; Partner with your body and assist it in responding to new cues; Align with your Higher Self – learn the true value of your pain.

Click here to listen – Edge EFT Happy Half Hour – Heal Yourself – Mind, Body, Heart and Soul!

3rd Broadcast aired May 28th, 2014 on EFT Radio – Provides you with the bridge needed to respond and heal with compassion and love. Tap your way through your anxiety and fear! Experience the bridge that gives you the tools to Corbis ope! You can heal your inner pain! You do deserve to be calm! You are worthy of success!

Click here to listen –  You Are Worthy of Love and Success! You Can Learn to Cope!

PLEASE NOTE: During the month of June I interviewed two colleagues, Master Stephen Co and  Dr. Eric Robins, co-authors of the best-selling book entitled, Your Hands Can Heal You. Although neither of these conversations relates directly to this venture both address the thoughts and possible resistances that can occur when challenged to expand into your authentic self. To access either of these conversations please click on their respective names.


Layer Three assists you in building on your adult self’s empowerment and your ability to separate from the pain of the wounded ones. In this layer, you begin to use surrogate tapping to build that relationship  so he or she can begin to partner with the inner child

1st Broadcast aired July 9, on EFT Radio,

Click here to listen –   YOU ARE BIGGER THAN YOUR PAIN

This first broadcast (the 1st of 3) takes you to the next step. In it, I supercharge Layer Three of this signature, 7-Layer Healing Process and provide you with the methods needed to begin to identify the source of your pain. By using the pronoun “you,” the adult self can identify the source of your mistrust and fear and offer the support and love needed to heal.

This layer is essential if you are to continue in your journey.  It is an avenue to self-love, accountability, and successful; manifestation.  You can experience success and joy!

2nd Broadcast aired July 21, on Edge Talk Radio – In this broadcast, I offer the interactive tapping sequences to work with the four aspects of the psyche. These prepare your adult self so he or she can begin to relate to your wounded one and clear the old beliefs, neutralize the feelings, reprogram the DNA, and begin to see the bigger picture of your wounded one’s pain. 

Click here to listen – Rewire Your Brain, Recondition Your Body, Reprogram Your Body, and Reframe the Tasks of Your Soul

3rd Broadcast – aired July 23rd on EFT Radio –


These are the words your wounded ones have been waiting to hear. In this broadcast, I offer the bundling to baggage needed to relate to your inner child, your soul, and your body, so you can partner with them and bring them home. It is essential to clear this baggage so you are ready for Layer Four during which you begin to assist your vulnerable one in actually healing the old wound so your psyche can be free to move on.


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