Conscious Living Series In Detail

Welcome to the Conscious Living Series during which I first shared with you how your challenges from childhood are the doorway to the lessons of your soul and first offered this dynamic ” 7-Points of Consciousness, 7-Themes of your Soul Program.”

This Video will give you a brief overview. So feel free to watch it and read the overview. Then continue to watch the short video introductions below. Each is coupled with a brief tapping sequence and this combination will get you started. It will help you determine which soul theme most relates to you and help you clarify “where you are” and “where your soul wants you to be.”  It will also help you decide if it would be useful to call me and set up your FREE 15-minute assessment.




With her diverse background, Cathryn’s unique approach addresses every aspect of the psyche – body, mind, heart, and soul! Known as the “Mother of Inner Child Work,” and considered an expert in the Inner Child field, Cathryn has enriched her expertise by adding supportive training in accessing one’s Soul Purpose through the Akashic Records and being certified in the revolutionary, energy therapy called EFT. For this program, Cathryn also collaborated with her husband, Arthur Anczarski, whose expertise in music and spirituality added a touch of brilliance to these dynamic methods of healing. 

Their integrative approach empowers you to live beyond fear – to get what you want – to manifest what you deserve!  

With this material you learn how to use Interactive Tapping – an advanced version of EFT – (a self-administered form of acupressure used to neutralize and resolve feelings of sabotage re-enforce new empowering ones) and Breath Touch (a self-administered form of breathwork, EFT Sequences and acupressure points used to build pathways from subconscious mind which holds antiquated coping mechanisms to your higher consciousness mind or third eye to sustain new paradigms) :

  • Neutralize old beliefs and reinforce new paradigms,
  • Clear your body of toxins and negativity, identify and resolve the spiritual agendas of your soul and personality.
  • Stimulate the pathways between your subconscious and your higher consciousness to anchor new belief systems into the part of your brain that, according to quantum physicists, Dr. Bruce Lipton, most of us access only 5-10 of the time.
  • Welcome in the 7 Sounds of Healing to balance each of your 7 Energy Systems.

This integrative, comprehensive 7-Point System not only gets you from where you are to where you want to be, it empowers you, with self-administered strategies,  to sustain your efforts and ensure, not temporary, but continued success!

Components of 7-Point Healing Modality Available at Every Process Session

1. Determine the area of focus and stress being presented in day-to-day life

2. Pull thread of stress to the original essential wound in childhood where the pattern began

3. Access the spiritual purpose of this pattern as we view it through the eyes of your soul and through the 7 energy centers of the body.

4. Design customized EFT sequences to neutralize and revise the body block, soul pattern, emotional sabotage and antiquated belief system which creates a new paradigm – a new energetic blueprint

5. Stimulate your brain with targeted Breath-Touch™ sequences and the 7 Sounds of Healing that enable you to anchor your new, energetic blueprint into the part of your brain that can sustain it

6. Reprogram the DNA as you reconfigure the electromagnetic force field around you.

7. Anchor your new, energetic blueprint into the sacred heart of the universe as you gratuitously offer a percentage of the healing to the world.

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1st Soul Theme – From Abandonment to Union

2nd Soul Theme – From Betrayal to Trust

3rd Soul Theme – Shame & Guilt

4th Soul Theme – From Fear of Rejection to Anticipation of Acceptance

5th Soul Theme – From Spiritual Self-Consciousness to Confidence

6th Soul Theme – From Rebellion to Reverence

7th Soul Theme – From Mediocrity to Mastery


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