Coffee House Gathering


On November 1st Cathryn Taylor uploaded her completed manuscript to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and officially launched the release of her recently completed book, I Think… I Like You Better Dead. The title is said with tongue-in-cheek to Cathryn’s brother who made his transition two years earlier. A few months after John’s passing, Cathryn had a session with a medium during which her bother asked her to keep him real. “I am often standing right beside you. I haven’t gone anywhere. Just keep me real.”

Over the next several years Cathryn and John participated in a series of inter-dimensional excursions―healings, initiations, and teachings, which result in the spiritual memoir they now share with the world. The story of their continued relationship, co-written from both sides of the veil, details their journey and gives hope to those interested in partnering with a deceased loved one who may be offering the same.

Join Cathryn this Sunday for the Coffee House Gathering to hear not only about her adventures with her brother … but also her very personal experience which occurred two days after the publication of their book when she tested positive for the Corona Virus. Being on the “other side” of her symptoms Cathryn can now see how even this physical clearing assisted her in acclimating to the new vibrational frequency her experiences with her brother, John, provided.

Date: Sunday, 11/22/20Time: 10:30 am EST,

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