My 3rd product gives you all you need to continue to grow for the rest of your life!

Cathryn’s super-powered 4 Stages of Recovery program entitled:
“From Global Stress to Personal and Collective Empowerment”

Offers you an innovative power-packed e-book enriched with 12– 90-minute podcasts over 18 hours of education and EFT tapping instruction) recorded live.

Each 90-minute segment guides you through Cathryn’s revolutionary evolution of the 4 stages of the 12 Steps of Recovery.
This formula escorts you through the steps to empowerment no matter where you find yourself on your journey.
Cathryn’s revolutionary 4-stage process interfaced with the most effective spiritual formula on the planet – the 12 Steps of Recovery – provides the most super-charged Spiritual Recovery Program for this century.
Learn how WE have become a society of stress-o-holics – the challenges, rewards AND methods on how YOU can learn to MANAGE that stress and feel EMPOWERED instead of caving into a sense of overwhelm and apathy.

Get All 3 Packages for $97

Or Stay with Package II which includes Cathryn’s 2 dynamic programs “Tapping UP to your Stairway to Authenticity”, and “Loving Yourself Unconditionally”

for $77

Or Stay with Package I to jump start your journey with Cathryn’s “Tapping Up the Stairway to Your Authenticity” program

for $17.77

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