And start your fast track to your authenticity!

Want a fast track to your authenticity? Awaken your most vulnerable parts and bring them home. These 10 short, targeted EFT tapping sequences map the way. No more sabotage — just empowered success!


Humanity has been gifted an amazing energy that has been cascading onto our planet. That energy began around 2012 and has continued to build since then.
But in the last few years the energy has increased due to our world needs.
So even though I recorded this series “live” in 2012, its intention to assist you, at any point on your journey, remains.
These 10 power-packed recordings invite you to experience the retrieval of your fragile selves gradually, progressively as you gently merge into the highest vibrational frequency you can attain.
The result … the embodiment of your Authentic Self.
This ever-evolving process … one you can experience numerous times.
Each time you progress through these recordings another aspect of you is vibrationally enveloped in the energy of your Authentic Self until all you have ever been…has come home.

… Imagine, you, supported by your Guardians, preparing to take that first step…

Day 1 – Tap-along for the Beginning of the Journey 

(Recorded Live 12.12.12. as an EFT Radio Broadcast – 30 Minutes) 

Day 2 – Tapping in the Divine Masculine 

(15 to 17 minutes) 

Day 3 – Tapping in the Divine Feminine 

(15 to 17 minutes) 

Day 4 – From Abandonment to Union 

(15 to 17 minutes) 

Day 5 – From Betrayal to Trust 

(15 to 17 minutes) 

Day 6 – From Victimhood to Empowerment 

(15 to 17 minutes) 

Day 7 – From Fear of Exposure and Shame  

to Compassion and Self-love 

(15 to 17 minutes) 

Day 8 – From Rebellion to Reverence 

(15 to 17 minutes) 

Day 9 – From Global Fear to Faith, Global Despair to Hope (15 to 17 minutes)

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