Tap Your Addict’s Fears Away with Interactive Tapping™

Normandale Community College, 9700 France Ave. South, Bloomington, Minnesota 55431

Saturday, November 3rd, 9-12

Learn first-hand my signature technique which combines the focus of the inner child with the methods of the innovative, energy therapy of EFT. (a simple, self-administered form of acupressure). This provides one of the most empowering methods for working with those parts within us who sabotage our best efforts to succeed.

What you can expect to learn from this three hours

  • A fresh, effective and easy way to befriend this frightened part of you who can determine your success at staying in recovery.
  • How to “neutralize” the energy associated with a cravings and triggers..
  • How to untie the knot of tension that empowers you to experience a state of calm and peace that is essential for successful recovery.
  • User-friendly methods to strengthen the positive intentions, release painful emotions and memories, and improve most health conditions which were impaired during active addictive or compulsive behaviors.

What people who have learned Interactive Tapping™ Sequences are saying:

“Tapping cured my panic attacks.”

“I’m tapping away my ice cream addictions.”

“Finally I have a healthy response to that inner dialogue which was just nagging me to go back and use – I had never experienced the promises of recovery until I learned how to change the inner babble!”

“Cathryn’s approach allowed me to feel I had a part within me who was stronger than my inner addict. She taught me a set of phrases I was able to use to calm that frightened one down who wanted to avoid my pain with my addictions and I was ultimately able to make her feel safe!  Her process is very empowering!”

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