Addiction Recovery

Using EFT for Addiction Recovery

EFT for Addiction Recovery: EFT’s results for Addiction and Substance Abuse problems are often extraordinary. The benefits are twofold:

First, EFT brings down the immediate craving within minutes so that one can easily walk away from food, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, etc. In a few cases, this simple procedure also collapses the overall addiction.

Second, EFT’s long-term successes are due to its ability to address the emotional component of most addictions — namely the need to “tranquilize” the bio-chemical anxiety which gets expressed in one’s anger, fear, guilt, trauma, etc. As you are receiving the bio-chemical interventions unique to Health Recovery Center’s approach, learning the EFT procedure provides you with a complimentary, self-administered technique you can apply anytime you have a trigger, an unexpected emotional response or a reaction to your detox.

Being ill-equipped to deal with arising issues is one of the reasons many give up one form of addiction simply to switch to another (from alcohol to coffee or cigarettes, for example). EFT is ideally designed to collapse these underlying emotional issues. It is evident that addictions, compulsions, eating disorders and weight issues have similar emotional causes.  This gives you a way to respond.


Cathryn’s first published work was a book entitled, Life Beyond Confusion and Fear outlines a six-cycle process of addiction and recovery. Since her Certification Completion in Pro-EFT with EFT Master, Lindsay Kenny in 2010, Cathryn has integrated Pro-EFT video tapping sequences into her original cycles outlined in her book to provide perhaps one of the most comprehensive approaches to recovery available. 

Cathryn’s video series addresses such issues as:

  • Establishing a relationship between the recovering self and the addict within
  • Normalizing ambivalence; resistance to self help groups
  • Experiencing difficulty defining a higher power
  • Parallel addiction
  • Dealing with getting too cocky
  • The need for biochemical repair; and
  • The many stages of grief

Cathryn offers this approach in outpatient and in-patient treatment centers and in her one-to-one sessions. In this Consult Package, you will receive Cathryn’s innovative 30-day Pro-EFT Video Support Program which assists individuals, day by day, in staying committed to their goal and in building the self-soothing voice needed to quiet the addict within us all. Click here for private sessions.


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