9 Ways To Heal Your Inner Child

Written by Adam D'souza
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Inner child healing

Everybody has an inner child. The inner child is a true representation of your personality in your life. It is the subconscious mind. You have all those disturbing memories and repressed feelings from childhood that rise from time to time. Healing the inner child is essential for your well-being and peace of mind. There are multiple inner child healing meditations that you can get for healing your inner child. 

Nowadays, self-care is a much talked about topic. Everyone is conscious of their self-care and gives priority to it. It would be best if you also prioritize your mental health and self-care; it is the first and foremost step to healing your inner child. 

Continue reading the article to learn how you can overcome your fears & insecurities, how not to let your past control you, and how to become confident. This article will help you learn and master all the key ways to heal the inner child. 

Below are the ways to heal the inner child. Healing your inner child is a challenging and time-taking process; however, these steps are surely a good start. 

1. Acknowledge the inner child: 

Before moving on to any other step, you should acknowledge your inner child first. The best inner child healing therapy always starts by acknowledging the inner child, whether it exists, what problem it has, and why it stops you from moving on. It may feel silly to you at first, but you can connect with your inner child if you are willing to explore this relationship. If you are unsure and hesitant about the intention of going through your past, it will be highly challenging and complicated for you to heal it. 

Moreover, if you think that healing the inner child is a process of achieving peace of mind and self-discovery, you will easily recall your past to heal the inner child. Acknowledging the inner child and recalling the past is the key requirement of inner child healing therapy

Acknowledging integrates the identifying and admitting things that caused disturbing memories and painful moments in childhood. Leading those moments out into the light of the day can assist you in understanding the impact of those moments. Most people find it easy, soothing, and beneficial. Do not feel nervous or afraid to recognize your inner child. 

2. Listen to the inner child: 

After opening up the connecting door to the inner child, focus on what it says and understand the feelings. There are multiple feelings that an individual feels leading to the triggering of traumatic situations: 

  • Insecurity 
  • Anger issues 
  • Guilt 
  • Neglect 
  • Shame 
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Abuse (Physically & mentally) 

If you recognize these feelings back to a particular childhood situation, you may recognize the same events again in your adulthood that trigger similar results. 

Moreover, it would be best if you listened to the inner child’s feelings carefully instead of pushing them away from you. Pushing inner child feelings will not help you. If you want to come over from past issues, you need to listen to the inner child; it will assist you to recognize the reason and kind of experience you have experienced. It is the key step to inner child healing. Inner child healing

3. Recognize what happened: 

If you have suffered abandonment, guilt, shame, anxiety, neglect, or any kind of trauma, it is crucial to validate what actually happened. Take some time, think carefully, and understand in detail what happened at that time that led you to disturbing memories. It may involve revisiting your past to understand the moment clearly. It is best to do this with the inner child healing therapist. Therapists are trained specialists; they have multiple coping techniques as you take the painful process down memory lane. 

4. Discover the form of neglect you experienced: 

Everyone has some wounds or disturbing memories from the past, even those who grew up in an ideal environment. There are various types of neglect, such as: 

  • Physical neglect 
  • Emotional neglect 
  • Environmental neglect 
  • Educational neglect 
  • Medical neglect 
  • Lack of love 
  • Lack of protection 

The most common neglect most people have experienced is physical and emotional neglect. 

First, you need to recognize what type of neglect you have experienced in the past. Once you have recognized a particular type of neglect, take into account the bigger picture around that circumstance. Allow yourself to feel that emptiness again in order to understand why and how it happened. Once you are able to recognize its reason, you will quickly heal your inner child. 

5. Recognize present manifestations of past hurts: 

Do you find yourself captivated by a self-sabotaging pattern that comes from childhood hurts? 

For example, if you felt abandoned or neglected as a child, you may now be engrossed in a toxic relationship with someone whom you know will abandon you after some time. On the other, you may suspect those people who are genuine with you and want to stay in your life. Or you may fear that you will end up all alone when they abandon you after getting close to you. 

It does not matter how this childhood hurts or traumas manifest today; it is crucial to be honest with yourself to become a better personality. Being honest with yourself is the key step to healing the inner child. 

6. Embrace the emotions: 

Not every childhood rises feelings of grudge or anger in adulthood; however, some might. For example, you may feel remorse or furious at your friends, parents, or anyone who is in contact with you. You should sit with them and clarify your feelings instead of moving away from those emotions and feelings. While explaining to them, you may feel emptiness, rage, embarrassment, and sadness again and again. However, once you are done explaining, you will feel relaxed. This you will embrace your emotions, and it is the true healing of the inner child. 

Always embrace your emotions, feelings, and thoughts to have a peaceful life ahead. Try to be easy on yourself; you will not be able to embrace your emotion in some house or just 1 day. It will take time. Give yourself some space to process and adore the healing process. 

Moreover, if you feel that you need a break from everything, leave everything behind. Take a break and give yourself time to relax your mind and body. 

7. Take steps to fill the gap: 

As a child, you may fall victim to the situations since, at that time, you were unable to take a stand against those situations. However, now you are an adult, you can take action to get yourself the things you always wish to have as a child.  

For example, if you have suffered from poverty in your childhood, you can now take steps to improve your financial situation. You can get in touch with professionals with whom you can learn how to budget, save for the future, and boost your income. 

On the other hand, if you have to face neglected behavior in the past, you should build good relationships with those who want to be in your life and cherish their time with you. Give time to those relationships to keep them alive. 

Moreover, now you have a chance to get all those that you wish to get from your parents or guardians. 

8. Help Others: 

Research shows that neglect, mistreatment, and abuse are global issues, and most people have suffered these issues in their early years. In adulthood, you can’t go back to that time to change things. However, there are various ways that you can follow to change your present and future:

  • Volunteering children’s home 
  • Serving meals at homeless shelters 
  • Give kindness proactively 
  • Listen to others’ grievances 

Moreover, keep in mind that these ways can be highly triggering for you. They can remind you of your past traumas. However, it would be best to control those things to stop them from dominating you. 

9. Try to get meditation: 

Meditation is one of the best ways to open yourself up for answers. It has a variety of advantages for both mental and physical health. Some of its benefits are pertinent to inner child work. Inner child healing meditation improves mindful self-awareness. It teaches you to notice more of those feelings that come up in everyday life. 

Mindfulness is a form of meditation that helps you focus more on being aware of what is happening, what you are feeling, and sensing at the moment without any judgment or interpretation. It will be much easier for you to pay attention whenever particular events trigger helpless reactions with great mindfulness. It is highly beneficial as it assists you to get comfortable with unwanted feelings and emotions. 

Moreover, meditation assists you in embracing your feelings and emotions. When you get used to embracing your feelings, you will be easily able to express your feelings in words and healthy ways. It assists in recognizing the inner child’s emotions and indicating that it is okay to have disturbing moments and let them out. 

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Wrapping Up: 

Many people find inner child healing books a great way to overcome their fear and grievances. You can find the best books on inner child healing on our website. Our inner child healing books helped numerous people globally. It is never too late to heal your inner child. You can learn to nurture your inner child by reading books and recognizing its needs and emotions.