7 Layers of Healing

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Cathryn is the author of numerous books and articles, including her bestselling Inner Child Workbook which was published by Jeremy Tarcher Inc, in 1991, has been translated into Dutch, Spanish, Korean and Czech, and was one of five books released at that time that popularized the concept of the inner child. It is considered a classic in the inner child field, and not only positioned Cathryn as one of the field’s leading experts, but also earned her the honor of being referred to as the “Mother of Inner Child Work.” Cathryn’s unique model of healing, called Interactive Tapping™, teaches individuals how to “live life motivated by trust and faith rather than fear and a need to stay safe.” Her methods offer the necessary tools dissolve the stress between the human self and the higher self, the body and the heart, the higher brain and the lower brain which fuels the beliefs of the wounded self who fears. Cathryn has a series of over 104 videos on you tube, hosts three Blog Talk Radio shows and offers consults via phone and skype. 


Want to change your life but don’t know how? Cathryn meets you were you are at and teaches you a new way to relate to your life motivated by trust rather than fear.

Cathryn’s unique approach addresses every aspect of the psyche-body, mind, heart and soul! She has enhanced her expertise in the mental health field and the arena of the inner child by adding supportive training in accessing one’s Akashic Records, being certified in the revolutionary, energy therapy called EFT and recently being trained  in the new, innovative New Brain techniques, some of which were developed by Dr. Richard Hanson This integrative approach empowers you to heal multi-dimensionally. You learn how to neutralize old beliefs and reinforce new paradigms, how to clear your body of toxins and negativity, how to identify and resolve the spiritual agendas of your soul and methods to open up the pathways between your lower brain and higher brain to guarantee success and sustainability of all that you achieve. Cathryn integrative, comprehensive 7-Layer Healing Process not only gets you from where you are to where you want to be, but empowers you, with self-administered strategies, to sustain your efforts and ensure, not temporary, but continued success!

An Overview of her 7-Layer Healing Process 

Combining the context of the Inner Child with the methods of the Emotional Freedom Techniques provides you with perhaps one of the most empowering avenues for healing those “trailers” which will sabotage your best efforts to succeed.  Keep in mind it is not the intention of our wounded ones to hold us back.  Their efforts are merely aimed at sustaining a sense of safety… they do not realize their actions sabotage the inner adult’s success.  They are frightened and are responding in a knee-jerk manner they developed in response to the original wound.  It is the only way they know how to attempt to stay safe.  When you empower your adult self you provide these wounded ones with someone who can respond.  Once the response has been made you will find you have a wealth of energy which can now be redirected.  That redirection is what gives birth to your ever-evolving future self.

The following progression of layered Inner Child/EFT sequences offers you an interactive tapping method to step into the vibration of  a healthy adult self and to be empowered to come into alignment with it–to heal it and befriend it so it can merge with you in your joy.  There is no magic greater than that of a child.  But a wounded Inner Child holds on strong to that which kept it safe.  In order to regain his or her trust and heal you must have a part of you who can respond in a nurturing and healthy manner and who can orchestrate a sequential progress.   You must come into this interaction with an empowered adult who can respond in a compassionate manner.  Why?   Because if you begin digging into your past with no new ways to respond to that pain you simply pull the band aid off of an old wound while offering no hope of healing it. 

The healing agent for an old wound is the interaction between the wounded one and a part within us who can respond with compassion, love and care.

It is this interaction which changes the experience of the Inner Child and in affect “creates its reality.”  Remember, our mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined.  Just as we program our future with intentions and “pretend” exercises we can do the same thing by returning to the time of the wound and changing the experience of the part of us who holds onto the pain.

Again, the only reason this is possible is because we have our adult self who is now capable of intervening in that wounding scene and stepping in on behalf of the Inner Child to protect or retrieve and rescue it from the hurtful experience.

If you think about it – it stands to reason that as we set our intentions for our hearts’ desire we flush out the trailers which sabotage our efforts to succeed.  When we bring in more light we also illuminate our shadow – the wounded parts that inadvertently sabotage our efforts to succeed.  But if we give a face to those saboteurs who run rampant with their negative statements and destructive behaviors – if we learn how to relate to those wounded ones with care and love we can repair that wound and invite that essence back into the vibration of our force field where it can be safe.  Not only does this halt the sabotage but it augments the magic with which we can manifest.  Bring a child’s imagination and wonderment into any intention and the vibrational frequency increases ten-fold.


The following section describes the seven layers of healing featured in this innovative Seven Layered Inner Child / EFT Sequence Procedure.  This process systematically enables you, as the adult, to help the inner child heal so it can also learn and experience the magic of the laws of attraction.  Each layer uses EFT sequences to accomplish the task stated.  Because this procedure takes you through the step-by-step process of 1) identifying the contrasting feelings; 2) separating from and externalizing that feeling so, as the adult, you can respond to and therefore heal the contrasting emotion by 3) relating to the feeling as the emotion of the child within you who is afraid – the layers respectively use the pronouns appropriate to the task at hand.

1st Layer – Empowering and Clearing the Adult Self – This sequence neutralizes all disturbances currently being experienced in our day to day life.  The stress we feel in the present or recent moment with respect to this topic is where we start.  We use the pronoun “I” to own any aspect of disturbance which is housed in the force field of our adult self.

2nd Layer – The Separation Step –  When we externalize the disturbance we set up a dyad between the part of us who carries the wound and the part of us who can respond to the wound.  This is a crucial step in that it is this very separation which allows us to interact

and the interaction between the wounded one and the healer within us is what creates the healing.  We use the pronoun “he” or “she” to begin the separation process

3rd Layer – The Interactive Step  You are going to use the pronoun “you” to begin the interactive process.  It is building a trusting relationship between our most illuminate and nurturing self and the wounded Inner Child or Soul Shadow.  We are now doing a form of “surrogate tapping.” (tapping on behalf of another)  This creates an internal experience for the wounded aspect that finally someone is responding to his or her pain and operating on its behalf, irrespective of the dimension of time or consciousness… be it inner child or an aspect of your Soul.  (It is all a form of time travel anyway.)  The result however, is that this invites the experience of deservedness and nourishes a sense of importance … having the Inner Adult operate on its behalf makes this part feel worthy of attention and care.  This is an important step in the process of building trust because often the Inner Child  has felt abandoned and left to fend for itself.  This is true for aspects of your Soul as well.  They sustain a state of suspension, waiting to be discovered, rescued and healed.  When we travel back in time to respond to their situation and to heal their pain they are finally free to return to the light.

4th Layer – The Teaching Step  Now, we shift into a meditative state and begin to teach our Inner Child or wounded one the technique for this neutralization process.  In our mind’s eye we imagine we return to the scene where the wounding took place.  We go through a meditation which invites our wounded one to show us his/her pain.  Together you determine what needs to be healed and then you assist this little one in tapping through his/her pain. You use the pronoun “I” again but it is now being said from the wounded one and you are merely asking them to repeat and follow along so they can learn the technique.

5th Layer – The Merger Step

This layer is used predominantly for the Inner Child only. With an aspect of your Soul you want to just send them back into the light so that energy can be freed.  But with an aspect of your personality from this life time you want to partner with him or her and build a bonding, cooperative relationship.  Combining the neutralization process with the pronoun, we, enables you to begin to set up the merger and integration.  Partnering with the Inner Child in this manner empowers him or her to return to your force field in a healed state and empowers you and your Inner Child to reclaim the magic that was lost in the wounding experience.  When you bring this magic back, the essence of the believability we all have as children returns as well.  If you then infuse your manifestation with this vibration, you create magic ten-fold!

6th Layer – Reprogramming your DNA – Giving birth to a Future Self

This next sequence neutralizes any disturbances which your body has held on your behalf and restores your DNA in all dimensions of time and consciousness to a new vibration which can then hold your new alignment and intention.  This process gives substance to who you want to become.  You first clear the disturbance from your body by asking for its forgiveness; give it permission to release then infuse it with the vibration of the new you.  This reprograms the DNA in every cell to hold your new vibration.

7th Layer – Global Step

This final sequence takes all you have neutralized and realigned and uses EFT sequences to send this energy into the Universe as an offering for planetary healing.  It reinforces the fact that you are part of something bigger than yourself and a valuable agent of change for mankind.

Components of 7-Layer Healing Process

  1. Determine area of focus and stress being presented in day-to-day life
  2. Pull thread of stress to original essential wound in childhood where the pattern began
  3. Awaken the new brain through the Breath-Touch technique
  4. Access the spiritual purpose of this pattern through the Akashic Records as viewed through the eyes of your soul
  5. Design customized Interactive Tapping™ sequences to neutralize and revise the body block, soul pattern, emotional sabotage and antiquated belief system which creates a new paradigm – a new energetic blueprint
  6. Guarantee sustainability by anchoring new paradigm into the higher brain with Cathryn’s signature breath-touch technique which builds the bridge from your lower brain which holds the old coping mechanisms based on fear to the new brain, or prefrontal cortex which, once energized, can sustain new paradigms motivated by faith, hope and trust
  7. Using her newly, revised 7-Layer Healing Process Cathryn helps you reprogram the DNA of your body and soul, reconfigure the electromagnetic force field and anchor your new, energetic blueprint into the sacred heart of the universe as you gratuitously offer a percentage of the healing to the world.


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